Growing up in the German Alps in southern Bavaria meant an early connection to nature and animals. I spent my childhood on the backs of horses and could not imagine a life without mountains and oceans. Ever since being a teenager I try to explore every corner of this world and love traveling as much as I can. I am deeply fascinated by the many different cultures and countries I have been able to get to know and truly enjoy the freedom felt when traveling the world. I am happily based in the Netherlands, with regular trips to my Bavarian Alps, magical Iceland and beautiful Indonesia.

My yoga path goes back to high school when my Mom took me to one of my first lessons and I learned to love this space of calm and peace where my mind could center and leave aside all the busy thoughts of being a teenager and completing high school finals. Yoga has accompanied me throughout my studies and I turned to it again in 2013 when starting work at an international court, experiencing a stressful life- and work-style that resulted in a lower back injury. Since then it has become part of every day I have lived so far, be it on the mat and in form of asana, as a short mediation or breathing exercise, or simply trying to practice loving kindness wherever I can.

I personally practice Ashtanga Yoga and Yin Yoga, as well as the Moon Sequence (Chandra Krama) as taught by Matthew Sweeney. The combination of Yin Yoga, a gentle vinyasa system and the heated and purifying Ashtanga practice seems to be the perfect fit for me and offers me a full and colorful box of yoga systems I can draw upon depending on my mood and capacity each day. I truly believe in an intuitive practice guided by creativity and enjoy exploring the deep layers of the various schools of yoga.

In 2016 I had the pleasure to complete Matthew Sweeney’s Level II teacher training (Stu Girling – anatomy; Emil Wendel – philosophy) and am now truly excited to share his Moon Sequence with whomever is interested, as well as continue teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Yin Yoga (Yin yoga teacher training with Skadi van Paaschen en Savitri Thissen Sattoe in 2017). My wish is that yoga is accessible for everyone who wants to give it a try. I feel that yoga is a beautiful addition to every person’s life and thanks to its many different shapes and colors, there is something for everyone to like. I genuinely enjoy working closely with yoga practitioners, helping them discover a therapeutic and individually tailored yoga path. Due to a number of personal injuries I am familiar with adjusting and amending yoga sequences for individual needs, as well as with keeping a good sense of humor and approaching yoga with a smile, rather than pursuing a goal.

I look forward to continue exploring, embarking on yoga adventures and learning!